18. Sep, 2021

Day 67 (Thu 16th Sep): Port Augusta to Myrtleford

We drove from Port Augusta to home in Myrtleford.

Total distance today: 1,202 km.
Total charge time: 2 hrs 29 mins for 161.68 kWh, plus charge at home as below.
Total wait time: 30 mins.
Driving Port Augusta to Murray Bridge, 370 kms, 3 hrs 22 mins at an avg 83 kph, 166 Wh/km, 100% to 9%.
Charging at Murray Bridge for 41 mins, added 51.11 kWh, 0 mins wait, Supercharger, 10% to 91%, cost $19.53.
Driving Murray Bridge to Keith, 155 kms, 1 hrs 34 mins at an avg 98 kph, 186 Wh/km, 91% to 49%.
Charging at Keith for 19 mins, added 25.04 kWh, 0 mins wait, Supercharger, 49% to 84%, cost $8.28.
Driving Keith to Horsham, 202 kms, 2 hrs 5 mins at an avg 97 kph, 203 Wh/km, 84% to 24%.
Charging at Horsham for 55 mins, added 50.08 kWh, 30 mins wait, Supercharger, 25% to 96%, cost $17.14.
Driving Horsham to Inglewood, 169 kms, 2 hrs 12 mins at an avg 77 kph, 171 Wh/km, 96% to 53%.
Charging at Inglewood for 11 mins, added 7.86 kWh, 0 mins wait, Supercharger, 53% to 65%, cost $3.63.
Driving Inglewood to Euroa, 80 kms, 2 hrs 24 mins at an avg 76 kph, 187 Wh/km, 65% to 15%.
Charging at Euroa for 23 mins, added 21.59 Wh, 0 mins wait, Supercharger, 17% to 46%, cost $8.00
Driving Euroa to Myrtleford, 127 km, 1 hr 30 mins at an avg 86 kph, 204 Wh/km, 46% to 8%.
Charging at Myrtleford (home) for 10 hrs 3 mins, added 64.34 kWh, 0 mins wait, 1-phase 32A (7 kW), 8% to 100%, cost estimate 64.34 * $0.30 = $19.30 (assumed all from grid rather than battery/solar).

We got up early and left Port Augusta at 7 am with the intention of getting to Victoria and possibly all the way home to Myrtleford. The car is showing the signs of a long trip, being very dirty and carrying a million squished bugs despite being washed a couple of times. The car navigation suggested going via Adelaide supercharger to Murray Bridge but we thought there would be enough charge to go to MB directly, with the knowledge we could detour to Adelaide if charge was being depleted faster than expected. We arrived there with 9% battery after going through the Barossa and the infamous Snowtown. We went to Chargefox, prefering it to Tesla because their Ultra-Fast Chargers are faster than Tesla and also cheaper.

From there we went to Keith, Horsham and Euroa using Chargefox at each town, then on to home. Each of those towns also have Tesla Superchargers. Navigation suggested going to the Bendigo SC in between Horsham and Euroa but we again decided we could go direct. We were going to make it easily on that leg as we went through the northern Victorian countryside and small towns that most people wouldn't normally see because they aren't on the highways that radiate from Melbourne.

It got dark and we were driving about 80 kph to avoid roos and because the roads weren't very wide, although we only saw a handful of other vehicles over the 350 kms from Horsham to Euroa. We did make one stop, as we went through the small town of Inglewood. In the dark I'd spotted EV chargers on a side road. We decided to have a closer look and it was an Evie 50 kW charger. We charged for 10 minutes, just because we could, then continued on.

We were able to cover the long distance during the day because each charge was short, providing just enough time to have a toilet and food break. There wasn't much wait time. We continued on much later than we would normally and arrived home at 1 am.