15. Sep, 2021

Day 66 (Wed 15th Sep): Ceduna to Port Augusta

We drove from Ceduna to Port Augusta.

Total distance today: 483 km.
Total charge time: 9 hrs 25 mins for 92.2 kWh.
Total wait time: 2 hrs 19 mins.
Driving Ceduna to Poochera, 140 kms, 1 hr 29 mins at an avg 94 kph, 195 Wh/km, 99% to 59%.
Charging at Poochera for 2 hrs 19 mins, added 25.57 kWh, 2 hrs 19 mins wait, 3-phase 16A, 59% to 95%, cost $0.
Driving Poochera to Kimba, 174 kms, 2 hrs 5 mins at an avg 82 kph, 172 Wh/km, 95% to 51%.
Driving Kimba to Port Augusta, 155 kms, 1 hrs 31 mins at an avg 101 kph, 186 Wh/km, 50% to 8%.
Charging at Port Augusta for 7 hrs 6 mins, added 66.63 kWh, 0 mins wait, Tesla Dest, 5% to 100%, cost $0.

For the second day in a row we would be driving over 480 km for the day, with an interim charge. We left Ceduna after a short trip to the bakery and headed to Poochera. We learned something while listening to the staff at the bakery - when buying an iced donut it's a good idea to buy those with sprinkles because they don't stick to the top of the bag.

We were covering the same ground we covered twice before when we reached Ceduna and had to go back east the following day. I called Jeff at the Poochera Hotel, to check if we would be able to charge there. He told me they now open the pub at 4 pm, rather than 1 pm, due to the continued impact of COVID. He reminded me he runs the adjoining Post Office in the morning so we should just come in when we arrive. We sat there for over 2 hours in the sunshine - the weather has been better than we were experiencing in Fremantle and Kalgoorlie. Also, the wind direction was more favourable today, so our Wh/km will be less at the same speed.

After we left Poochera we hit more road works, another 150+ kms to add to the 100+ km yesterday at 80 kph. Again, we followed a truck comfortable with 100 kph, until we got comfortable with the remaining battery charge and sped up a little. After checking in at the Standpipe Hotel (another place we'd visited previously), we drove into the city centre. Unimpressed, we bought sandwiches at a petrol station outlet and went back to the hotel room.

Today and yesterday we had been seeing lots of crop farming, possibly canola. In the afternoon we saw quite a few feral goats on the side of the road.