15. Sep, 2021

Day 65 (Tue 14th Sep): Border Village to Ceduna

We drove from Border Village to Ceduna.

Total distance today: 483 km.
Total charge time: 4 hrs 21 mins for 48.1 kWh.
Total wait time: 3 hrs 13 mins.
Driving Border Village to Nullabor, 173 kms, 1 hr 36 mins at an avg 92 kph, 237 Wh/km, 96% to 36%.
Charging at Nullabor for 4 hrs 13 mins, added 43.37 kWh, 3 hrs 13 mins wait, 3-phase 16A, 37% to 98%, cost $0.
Driving Nullabor to Ceduna, 296 kms, 3 hrs 3 mins at an avg 96 kph, 192 Wh/km, 98% to 15%.
Charging at Ceduna for 32 mins, added 6.18 kWh, 0 min wait, 3-Phase 16A, 15% to 24%, cost $0.
Charging at Ceduna for 6 hrs 5 mins, added 54.69 kWh, 0 min wait, 3-Phase 16A, 21% to 100%, cost $0.

We left Border Village and noticed there was going to be an easterly wind again today. The car estimates how much charge will remain when we arrive at a destination but with adverse weather the actual remaining charge will usually be less. We would need to keep an eye on the battery during the drive.

We arrived at Nullabor Roadhouse and noticed an unusual vehicle refueling - a bright yellow small plane pulled up to the bowsers. We put the car on charge, had a look at another hole on the Nullarbor Links, noticed the airstrip behind the roadhouse, then sat inside for a while before moving outside in the warmer sunshine. We noticed a lot of stumpy-tailed lizards around the roadhouse. We got enough charge before Steph pointed out there was a pilot in a small office offering joy flights. We investigated and took a 45-minute flight that took us over the 'head of the Bight' and over dozens of migrating Southern-right Whales with their babies. The pilot told us the whales are believed to stay close to the cliffs because they cause reflections of sound that make it a bit harder for sharks to find them. He also told us the earlier yellow plane was being flown by someone going across country on a private journey.

As it turned out roadworks were taking place for more than 100 kms, with an 80 km speed limit for the entire distance, down from 110 kph. This would help us to conserve energy. The actual works were taking place in a very small area, where the speed was reduced to 40 kph, so the rest of the time the limit was reduced just because the road shoulders had been graded. A truck overtook us and seemed to be happy to drive at their usual limit of 100 kph, so I followed behind. He would know if there were any police around, but if he didn't he would be spotted before me. We arrived with more battery remaining than expected.

We checked in to the East West Ceduna Motel, selected because they offer charging. We paid the extra $12.50 they want to charge an EV. We drove down to the Foreshore Hotel for dinner, and were seated at a table with another couple who've driven their caravan around a similar route to us over the past 3 months, starting from Echuca.