15. Sep, 2021

Day 63 (Sun 12th Sep): Kalgoorlie to Balladonia

We drove from Kalgoorlie to Balladonia.

Total distance today: 388 km.
Total charge time: 16 hrs 39 mins for 66.52 kWh.
Total wait time: 57 mins.
Driving Kalgoorlie to Norseman, 193 kms, 2 hr 27 mins at an avg 81 kph, 170 Wh/km, 93% to 45%.
Charging at Norseman for 57 mins, added 9.95 kWh, 57 min wait, 3-phase 16A, 45% to 59%, cost $0.
Driving Norseman to Balladonia, 190 kms, 1 hr 54 mins at an avg 100 kph, 196 Wh/km, 59% to 4%.
´╗┐´╗┐Charging at Balladonia for 15 hrs 42 mins, added 54.16 kWh, 0 min wait, 240V 15A, 4% to 81%, cost $0.

We checked out of the motel and went to the Goldfields Museum, just up Hannan St. Apart from history of the goldfields they also had an exhibition about Australia's involvement in spying over the years. We got a coffee nearby and headed south to Norseman.

At Norseman we plugged in to 3-Phase 32A plug (where we get 16A max) at the football ground. Norseman is a small town. We walked to the shops but everything was closed except the pub. We found a new'ish council 3-Phase plug next to the Visitors Centre so added a note to the Plugshare entry for the football ground.

We then drove East to Balladonia Roadhouse where we noticed the Nullabor Links golf course. Eighteen towns across the Nullarbor each have one hole of the course, making it the largest golf course in the world. We "walked the course" being careful about snakes in the rough scrub, and found a ball only about 10m from the tee! We set up our tent and plugged the car into the caravan plug (240A 15A). It was very cold and forecast for 1 degree by morning. We ate in the roadhouse that closed at 6:30 pm! Steph had a look at their tiny but interesting museum. We watched Netflix in the car before getting in the sleeping bags.

About 20 km before Balladonia we passed a cyclist also heading east but riding on the wrong side of the road. He arrived in the Roadhouse while we were eating and joined us (partly because there were only three tables). Originally from Romania, he told us he started riding from his home in Alice Springs north then in to WA and down through to Perth and now heading across the Nullarbor and back up the Stuart Hwy to Alice Springs. I estimated he was in his 70's and he admitted to being on the Age Pension. He rides on the wrong side so he can better see the road-trains - their trailers can sometimes be wobbling quite a way off a straight line and he finds they usually give him plenty of room but he can't judge this if they are coming from behind him. His bicycle is electric and he has 4 batteries to get through the day. He was towing a small trailer. He set up a tent in the camp ground and plugged in a power board to charge all his batteries. Earlier in the day we'd also seen a guy walking west, with a small trailer tied to his waist.